Listed below are a few questions that are commonly asked. I hope these may help but if you have a question, feel free to email and we'll try to answer them as soon as possible:

Do I need to bring my own stand?

No, tree stands are provided. The tree stands are 12' high and made out of wood with a ladder built in. If you prefer to use your own, there is no problem. We'll try to get it set up before the hunt.

Do I do my own baiting?

All of the baiting is done by us. We ask that no one go near the baits, you will leave a different scent at the bait that the bear are unfamiliar with.

If I see a Coyote, can I shoot it?

We leave this up to the hunter. It is legal but shooting at a coyote while in the stand may jeopardize your chances of seeing a bear. We recommend to get your bear first and then we'll suggest an area to hunt for coyote.

How do I get to my bait?

All transportation is provided by us. The first few days, to get you familiar with getting in and out of your bait, we will pick you up at the camps about 1 pm and proceed to the baits.

Can I fish while at the bear camp?

Yes, fishing season is still open. Between August 16 and September 30, rivers, brooks and streams are restricted to the use of artificial lures only and the TOTAL daily bag limit for salmon, trout and togue is 1 fish. Fishing licenses can be bought at the camp or you can get them online here. For more information on open water fishing, visit the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website.

Is there a phone at the camps?

No, there is no phone at the camps. Some cell phone will work at the camps or a short drive to the top of a hill usually will get you out. The closest pay phone is 15 miles at Shin Pond.

Are there showers at the camps?

Yes, a central shower building is located near the store.

Is there electricity?

No, the camps are supplied with gas stoves and lights.

How are the Insects?

The insects can be very bad, it is recommended that you have head nets, light gloves and and a way to seal your pant-legs and shirt cuffs. Insect repellent can be used but "Bens" is recommended because it is what we use and the bear will be familiar with the smell. If you can't find it, it is available at the camp.

Is a freezer available for the meat and skin?

Yes, it is located at the store.

What do I do when I shoot a bear?

If you have shot a bear and you know it's dead, proceed to the road and the designated pick-up point. If the bear runs off and you can't see it, Do Not try to find it, we will track the animal for you. Take special note of where you last saw the bear and what direction it was heading and then leave the stand for the pick-up point.

Who does the dressing of the animal?

All bear are taken back to camp and weighed and we dress off the animal.

What is a good cover scent?

We do not recommend cover scents. The stands are all places to deal with the wind. If a cover scent is used, it is just another scent that the bear is unfamiliar with and may make him very cautious.

Can I shoot a sow or a cub?

We ask that you do not shoot a sow or cub. A sow may come to the bait without cubs and there will be no way to tell if it's a sow or boar, she will be fair game.