moose_huntingAccording to state wildlife biologists, Maine's moose population is estimated at 29,000. For the 2002 season, the success rate for hunters was 84.8 percent. Hunters killed 2,545 moose out of a possible 3,000 permits issued. Yearling and older bulls typically account for 75-80 percent (of the "any-moose permit holders") of the harvest. Even in prime age classes, bulls account for about 80% of the "any-moose permit holders". Every year, several moose exceed 1,000 lbs. dressed weight.

Moose Hunting Information at Matagamon Wilderness

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Notice: Beginning in 2009, moose permit applications will only be accepted online. Paper applications will no longer be automatically mailed. The online application process will be available starting in mid-January.

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Applicants may indicate season and WMD preferences, and may check a box if they do not want an antlerless-only permit.

If you should be a lucky winner of a Moose permit, we are located on the boundary of WMD 5 & 10. We also can reach WMD 6 & 11 fairly easily.

Trophy racks are not uncommon. Preliminary investigations indicate a new Boone-Crockett state record may have been set in the 2000 hunt with a score of 219. In past years, 10 moose have scored from 190 to 217 to make the Boone and Crockett record books. The highest score for a moose taken in Maine during the past 5 years was 217.

Maine's record since the limited hunt began in 1980 was a bull weighing 1,330 pounds that was taken in Masardis.

Package # 1

The Ultimate Hunt
$4000.00 For Permitee and Sub-Permitee
Hunt inludes: Pre-scouting by float plane, truck, and canoe. Maine Guide, all you can eat family style meals, your own private cabin, maid service transportation, and game care.   

Package # 2

$3000.00 For Permitee and Sub-Permitee

Hunt includes: Pre-scouting by truck and canoe. Maine Guide, all you can eat family style meals, your own private cabin, maid service, transportation, and game care.

Package # 3

$850.00 per person/per week

Hunt includes: Meals and lodging only, 2 person minimum

Package # 4

Housekeeping cabin, bring your own sleeping bag
$400.00 per person/per week
Cabin with linens and indoor bathroom

Hunt includes: Lodging only, 2 person minimum

Package # 5

Price per campsite is $35.00 per family per night (2 adults an children 17 and under) each addional adult is $5.00 per night.
Price does not include 9% lodging tax.

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